Bobby Holmes on Multi-Causes For “Biblical” Putting Away 

Marriage and Divorce
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In the following audio clips, brother Holmes advocates multi-causes for “biblical” putting away. This has become yet another MDR error espoused and defended by several of the Guardian of Truth board members and staff writers, this time spearheaded by brother Mike Willis. It is obvious that the foundation’s newfound tolerance for sinful MDR error has lead to this latest evidence of the “progressive, corruptive nature” of their newly-adopted doctrine of continued fellowship under the guise of “differences in application.”


Special Note: The Guardian of Truth Foundation has just recently printed a new book: Biblical Causes of Divorce and the Role of Government in Divorce – A Discussion Between Ed Bragwell, Sr. and Mike Willis ($9.95). On page 26, brother Willis fairly represents my opposition to multi-causes for divorce. However, on page 65 Mike named me along with two other men and misrepresented my teaching by stating: “who argue that the innocent party in a divorce for the cause of fornication does not have a right to remarriage unless he ‘puts away’ (which they define as ‘initiate the civil divorce’) the guilty party.” I challenge him to find one quote which proves his claim that I “define” the authorized putting away of the guilty party as to “initiate the civil divorce.” In fact, any who are interested in truth can verify that my website is replete with multiple repudiations of this oft-repeated false charge.

In his opening statement, brother Bragwell provides the definition of “revisionism” and warns the readers of the book of some of our modern day change agents who are seeking to revise the will of God. Brother Bragwell exposes more than just “‘trends’ pointing toward a new apostasy,” and how brother Willis has further digressed from his previous teaching in his 1994 commentary on I Corinthians (p. 49). In fact, the following clips by brother Holmes only contain a fraction of the error that brother Willis has advocated and defended in the aforementioned book.


In the following audio clips, brother Holmes actually apologizes for his several decades of previous gospel teaching on this subject (i.e. only one approved cause for divorce) and declares his new doctrine!

Additionally, brother Holmes labels Matthew 19:9 (which reveals the Lord’s exception) GOD’S RULE, and the Lord’s rule in I Corinthians 7:10 (cf. Matthew 19:6; Mark 10:9), as a “GENERAL RULE.” Moreover, in his second audio clip, he insinuates that brethren such as brother Connie W. Adams are “not rightly diving the word of God and putting it all together.” Compare Bobby Holmes Clip 2 and Bobby Holmes Clip 12 with brother Adam’s Audio on Multi Causes for Divorce.

Bobby Holmes Clip 1      0:34

Bobby Holmes Clip 2      1:17

Bobby Holmes Clip 3      1:53

Bobby Holmes Clip 4      0:47

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Bobby Holmes Clip 6      1:16

Bobby Holmes Clip 7      0:47

Bobby Holmes Clip 8      1:21

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Bobby Holmes Clip 11    0:26

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Bobby Holmes Clip 14    0:42


Brother Mike Willis’ public preaching on this issue [as well as public documentation of various other GOT associates (using identical terminology)] is recited on this website. - Jeff

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