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The following is an excerpt from what Ron Halbrook and Matt Renfrow verbalized on July 27-28, 2000 in a documented discussion on this very subject with the brethren in Athens, GA. David McKee is the Local preacher.


DAVID MCKEE:  But getting back to the divorce itself, you just defined an unscriptural divorce as just what that one fellow did. It does not engage the other party, that sheís not divorced at that point?


RON HALBROOK:  She is not dissolved from that marriage bond, or released from that marriage bond. Itís still there.


DAVID MCKEE:  Yes, we would agree on that, which is why it makes it adultery for her and him. But would you say she has been divorced at that point, when he divorces her, when the judge slams the gavel down, ďIíve said this on a case,Ē he has divorced her. Is she now divorced?


RON HALBROOK:  In an unscriptural, ungodly, rebellious sense, that man has a divorce paper. But I donít see it as changing anything in divine law.


DAVID MCKEE No, and I donít either. Thatís why I think the other passages will say, ďand he who marries her who is divorced.Ē Thatís why itís adultery, as well, because sheís still tied to that unfaithful fellow that put her away, and heís still tied to her in this bond.


MATT RENFROWBut you would take away that exception, at that point.


DAVID MCKEE:  Well, the exception was there when the first divorced occurred, which is the only divorce Jesus speaks of.


MATT RENFROW The only time the exception can be instilled?


DAVID MCKEE Is that what Jesus says in Matthew 19 and 9, or in other places? ďIf you divorce and it is not for this reason, hereís what the two of you are: youíre in a state where you are to be reconciled, or any remarrying is adultery.Ē But to say that divorce can occur and it wasnít for that reason, but now, here are grounds that will allow for some kind of future divorce. That weíre still in the works of defining and making something that can really happen. I donít see the Bible language that speaks of it.

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