“Give it a Rest”

by Jeff Belknap

 The Bible compares error to leaven

within a lump of dough,

And we are commanded to purge it from us,

so it won’t spread and grow.


And for those who just aren’t bakers,

give this illustration a test:

Leave some leavened dough alone

and give it a little “rest.”


Before your very eyes,

the lump will swell and rise,

Until it has doubled and tripled (and more)

from its original size.


And what once had been a little heap

soon bulges out of control,

For in giving leaven a little rest,

we encourage it to grow.


And as we pause to consider this lesson

(The way that leaven works),

We must draw the spiritual parallel

To error within the church.


The leaven of sin, when left alone

gets progressively out of hand,

Until finally, its insidious growth

corrupts the entire land.


The “rest” afforded to lumps and sin

Is an ironic little misnomer,

For when we leave these alone to “rest,”

Instead, they tend to grow more.


And so, in exposing error,

we must never “give it a rest,”

Even when told that our persistence

renders us “obsessed.”


Let us trust in God – and not in men

who often let us down.

We must purge the sin among us

to inherit the eternal crown.

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