Fight of Faith or Needless Controversy
Harry Osborne at Paden City, WV 

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Quote # 1 

“One, they’re worrying about those all the time, they occupy their time, they don’t have any solution to ‘em ultimately, they just continually keep on and on and on, because they’re not matters of revelation.  Number two, they make themselves sick spiritually, because they so concentrate on that which is not relevant, because it’s not of a matter revealed of God, that they forget what is revealed of God. And the result is, they fail to grow as they ought, and they become a hobby-horse rider.  Just one thing that they zero in on, and they can’t do anything else.  You ever seen that happen?  That happens.  And what happens to people like that?  What happens to people like that is that they get sick, spiritually.” (LISTEN)

Quote # 2 

“Let me stop here for a minute.  I’m old enough to have lived through the last little part of the institutional division.  My parents were in an institutional congregation.  When we came to Pampa, TX, we were taught out of that.  The division came late to the panhandle of Texas, in about the early 1960’s, I was just little boy.   

I remember the difference between brother J. M. Gilpatrick, who came and taught my parents the truth on that subject.  My dad had heard him preach a lesson on how the church support of the orphan’s home was not right.  Came home and said, ‘you know, that old man’s just too good a guy to be an anti, so what we need to do is we need to bring him over and we need to teach him.’ It didn’t take Dad too awful long to figure out that old brother Gilpatrick wasn’t the one that needed to be taught.  

Brother Gilpatrick was a patient man, he saw that if he had continued to point out, ‘here’s what the doctrine of Christ says, here’s what the word of God says, here’s what the Word of God says,’ and keep himself open to study, there’s going to be somebody who obeyed that.  It’d turn his way.”  (LISTEN)

NOTE OF INTEREST:  There is a difference between being a “hobby-horse rider” and being like “brother J. M. Gilpatrick,” who, even after several years of the institutional division, continued to teach the same truths regarding authority.  He “saw that if he had continued to point out, ‘here’s what the doctrine of Christ says, here’s what the word of God says, here’s what the Word of God says,’ and keep himself open to study, there’s going to be somebody who obeyed that.  It’d turn his way.”  

Similarly, it is my own hope and prayer that brethren will turn Christ’s way, as I continue “to point out, ‘here’s what the doctrine of Christ says’ in Matthew 5:32b; 19:9b and Luke 16:18b.  - Jeff 

Quote # 3 

Mom and Dad walked in, and the whole family walked to the other side of that building.  My aunt Maurice always had a loud voice and thought she could whisper, and she turned to the lady next to her and she said, ‘that’s the antis.’  They weren’t willing to study.  They weren’t willing to sit down there, and talk about the word of God.  They weren’t willing to have an open discussion publicly, or an open discussion privately.  We were just to be seen as the antis, those dreaded people, and suddenly, study was un- was something that they saw as unnecessary. 

Brethren, when you look at a controversy arise, and you see that the way people handle it is by boycotting the preaching of those things that have to do with truth, you’ve found, most likely, where the error is.  Truth is never afraid to stand up.  Truth is never afraid to stand there and have a discussion of truth, to have an open Bible and to study those issues.  Truth is always ready to do that.  Error is not.  Error is going to be something that tries to work behind the back, it’s going to be something that tries to label through unnecessary means, it’s going to be something that takes quotations out of context, attributes things to people that are not so.  That’s what error does. (LISTEN)

Quote # 4 

“When you see people who have had a justification of unity in doctrinal diversity, what they’ve gone to is moral relativism.”  (LISTEN)

Quote # 5 

“…and I want to try to make you understand, as well, that before we do this, I’m open to discuss and to study further.  If you see something that I say that’s not right with the word of God, then you’d be my friend in pointing that out.  I’d be glad to discuss it more with you.”  (LISTEN)

 Quote # 6 

“Those matters have to do with that there’s one woman and one man that are together for life, that that’s something that there’s one exception - the innocent puts a guilty party away for the cause of fornication - that’s the only reason, and has a right of remarriage.  And only then, are we talking about that which is the truth.  All opposition to that revealed truth cannot be tolerated.  That’s a doctrinal principle that’s involved.”  (LISTEN)

Quote # 7 

“His focus is upon the godliness of the doctrine that’s there.  Adultery is not to be tolerated.  Adultery is not to be tolerated because it is the only reason for which there can be a sundering of that marriage, and then, who would be the one, in a doctrine according to godliness, that would have the right to go out there and remarry?  A guilty party?  Not hardly.  An innocent party, who has lived according to godliness, and that’s the point.” (LISTEN)

Quote # 8 

  “The procedure is, you wrote out a document, you gave it to your wife.  That’s about all.  What shocked them is, there’s only one cause for which you can have a sundering of this, and somebody has the right to go out there and marry again.  For the life of me, folks, I cannot understand what the problem with that is.” (LISTEN)

Quote # 9 

“They talked about the procedure, he focused on the effect: the sundering.  And yet, some brethren come along and say, ‘No, that putting away means you going out to a divorce court.’  No, it doesn’t.  It didn’t mean that in context, it doesn’t mean that now.” (LISTEN)

Quote # 10 

“Folks, for the life of me, how in the world can someone calling himself a gospel preacher say that, in answer to what the word of God says very clearly in Matthew 19 that we just looked at.  For the life of me, I can’t see that.  What I do see, is that somebody’s looking at Matthew 19:9 in the word of God, and somebody is looking at the timeframe, the actions that are out here by civil law.  Since when did God give over to civil law the right to declare who’s to take what action, how it’s to be seen, what the time frame is, where it’s to be taken, who’s to rule upon it, how it’s to be ruled upon, how the filing is to take place, when it is, who’s to do it?  We don’t find any of that in the word of God.” (LISTEN)

Quote # 11 

“What’s the only way we can look at it scripturally?  God’s word talks about cause.  That’s where we focus, and we leave it there.  When one builds a timeframe and says when that judges brings the gavel down, that’s when everything is judged by, and you’ve got to act before that process finishes (by that judge gaveling it), where is that in the word…” (LISTEN)

 Quote # 12 

“When we come along and we forbid marriage to an innocent in a case where marriage is sundered for the cause of fornication, we’re speaking against Jesus. In Biblical terms, that’s blasphemy, that’s speaking against the will of God, that’s fables, it’s that which stands in contrast to God’s law, that’s lies, it is not the truth.  And brethren, that’s serious and we need to be wary of it.” (LISTEN)

Quote # 13 

“Many of you are familiar with this statement from an article that, ah, was given.  I’m not going to call the name of the young man who wrote it simply because I have a hope that he will come out of this and I want to try to give him time to do that.  The others have had their time and chose not to.” (LISTEN)

Quote # 14 

“It is not given in the truth.  Jesus never specified that.  It’s an addition.  The idea of the timing, that all of it ends at the gavel of the judge, where’s that found in the word of God?  It’s not there, folks.  It’s something that simply is not found, it’s an addition.” (LISTEN)

Quote # 15 

“…you’ve got to take this civil action, you’ve got to take that civil action, you’ve got to do it before a judge bangs his gavel, or whatever it might be that’s added to the word of God.  They’ve taken away from the central point, here’s a doctrine that is according to godliness.” (LISTEN)

Quote # 16 

“Again, if there’s anyone who wants to discuss this, if you think I’ve not represented the word of God correctly, I’ll be ready to discuss it as long as you want to.  We’ll sit down with open Bibles and talk about the will of God and I hope you’ll do the same.” (LISTEN)

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