The Second Putting Away 

By Jeff Belknap

 Some say that certain divorce procedures are simply a “farce” 1
Even though evidence for such a doctrine is less than sparse!
They say that the “innocent” divorced person’s “rights,” God will “protect” 2
Making the Lord’s teaching about the put away of none effect!

Though we all agree that an unlawful apoluo is against God’s will,
They tell us some civilly divorced people may “put away” and remarry still.3
However, a book, chapter and verse for a second putting away cannot be found.
And whoso marries the put away “committeth adultery” is, by Jesus, bound!4 

For the divorced (though an ungodly spouse has sinned in putting them away)
Consequences remain unchanged, even if the sinner fornicates on a subsequent day!
Because Jesus never insinuated that an unlawful divorce was unreal,
But taught it possible for man to put asunder, in spite of how we feel! 

They claim that Jesus emphasized only “the cause,” 5
But they ignore His other words, and herein lie their flaws!
They contend that an unlawful action cannot accomplish a putting away –
Especially when the unwilling mate has had no say. 

They claim the unwilling put away should still have “hope”6
(The “hope” of lawful remarriage – not the one of which Jesus spoke!) 7
But it does not matter that when after divorce, “the bond remains intact,”8
Because the exception clause is still not authorized after the fact.9

They deny that their doctrine advocates “the waiting game,”10
But the logical end to their reasoning betrays such a claim!
Moreover, if their argumentation holds consistently true,
Then it wouldn’t matter which mate puts away who.

Their oxymoronic “biblical putting away” is said to be the only true “one”11
But, it is not “biblical,” nor can it accomplish what is already done.
After unlawful divorces, the Lord condemned taking another mate.
Regardless of later fornication, He taught it was unconditionally too late! 

And all of their teaching, is said to be a mere “application,”12
So that it might not result in brethren’s “alienation.”13
And even though the authority for such has yet to be seen,
They assure us this so-called “application” is covered within “Romans 14.”14 

But upon the put away’s remarriage, adultery is committed,15
And such is a moral matter, leaving no doubt to be benefited.
Moreover, since it is their teaching which has been exposed,
Our differences are doctrinal, and must be opposed. 

So, what men say, we must not heed,
For to a dead end, do their words lead.
Do not give in to peer pressure, but be true and stand tall
For failure to expose this error, will cause many to fall!

*For documentation of the error exposed in this poem, Click Here

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