Excerpt from sermon preached (6-14-90) in Wilkesville, OH.

By Ron Halbrook

From the beginning of side 2 of the recorded lesson, Ron says:

ďÖany provision for it and didnít authorize it and didnít allow it.  And He rules in this matter.  And so, they must marry someone that is eligible, not as men define eligible, and not even as civil law will define it, but as God defines it.

Then also He did not authorize a put away person to marry another. Whether they were put away for fornication or for some other cause.  God rules in every case.  In Corinthians 7:10 and 11, if two Christians divorce they must remain unmarried or reconcile.  God rules in all cases of divorce.  In I Corinthians 7:12 to 15 a believer cannot give up his faith in order to keep the unbeliever in a marriage union.  If the unbeliever threatens to leave, it said: ďif the unbelieving depart, let him depart.Ē  You canít help it, you canít control it.  But you certainly canít give up Christ to keep him to stay in the house with you.  But there was no authority for either to marry another.  Why not?  Because God rules over all cases of marriage, divorce and remarriage, thatís why.  And so, in conclusion from this, we learn that an unscriptural divorce releases neither party from marriage.  When you have an unscriptural divorce, as men count it, itís not so with God.  That bond is still in tact.  And that little piece of paper is nothing in the sight of God.  Just as well use it as Kleenex and blow your nose and drop it in the toilet.  It doesnít mean a thing to God.  Godís law rules over the laws of men.  And furthermore scriptural divorce, even when thereís a scriptural divorce, and that would beÖĒ (emp. jhb).

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