(Eph. 6:10-18)

 By Cara Belknap

Where have all God's soldiers gone,
When they should be standing strong
Against the wiles of the devil;
When they wish some wouldn't meddle?

Where have all God's soldiers gone --
Ones that dared to stand alone?
With nothing but His word they stood,
Faithfully doing all they could:

Men like Noah, Abraham, Elijah,
Daniel, Gideon, and Josiah.
And what about Stephen and the apostle Paul?
Against God's foes, they stood tall!

But many men won't stand today
(The way they stood in yesterdays)
Against the sins of those they know;
And by neglect, the sin will grow.

If you haven't entered in the fight,
You stand on the side which opposes right.
Have you, my friend, considered the cost
Of being a soldier of His cross?

So, "Quit ye like men",
Be courageous, and then
The sin among us will He cure,
And our Lord's church will be kept pure.


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