Gospel Truths
Volume XVII  Number 10, October 2006

Writings From Yesteryear

 The Widened Breach

Effort to shift responsibility for division is the invariable rule of innovationists in the church. The innovators themselves never cause the division–it is always the opposition. It is an old story. The introducers of instrumental music never caused the division–it was the opposition to it.

Thus also would the sponsors of the speculations now disturbing the peace of the church escape their just condemnation. But they shall not pass.

Unopposed, no doctrine or ism, from sprinkling to speculation, would ever cause division. The cause is the teaching; opposition, the effect; division, the result. Acquiescence to error is neither the price nor the basis of Christian unity. The doctrinal purity of the church lies in the defense of the truth.

The stock argument of all innovators has always been that their teaching or practice should not be made the ground for disfellowship. Digressives have worn this alibi out trying to justify instrumental music.  Too inconsequential to divide over! Yet they hold to the teaching and let the church divide; and, of course, when division occurs, disfellowship is automatic.

Excerpts from an article by Foy E. Wallace, Jr.
Taken from the Gospel Advocate, 1934

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